New Gewiss 70 RT HP Range of Rotary Isolator Switches

March 23, 2018 From April, LED Controls will stock the new range of rotary isolator switches from Italian manufacturers Gewiss. The 70 RT HP... Read full

The Future of Factory Automation: Industrial Robotics & Autonomous Systems

March 06, 2018 Automation is one of the most innovative areas of the industrial sector, with some of the world's most forward thinking... Read full

What are Variable Speed Drives? The Ultimate Guide

December 04, 2017 Variable Speed Drives, also known as adjustable-speed drives or variable frequency drives, are a piece of factory automation equipment that... Read full

What is Factory Automation? The Ultimate Guide

October 30, 2017 Factory Automation refers to the procedures, technology and machinery that are used to automate industrial processes. Primarily used in a... Read full

ABB: Everything you need to know about the world's leading engineering company

September 29, 2017 LED Controls stocks a wide range of factory automation products, from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. One of the... Read full

Our full product range: Electric motor controls, factory automation and safety products

January 27, 2017 Here at LED Controls, we offer an extensive range of electric motor controls, factory automation and safety products from some... Read full
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