Variable Speed Drives
VXR3A-1 IMO Jaguar VXR Inverter 0.4KW/3Amps IP20 1Phase
Input 3Phase Output
£264.00 Inc VAT | £220.00 Exc VAT

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How Electromagnetism Sparked The Invention Of Electric Motors
How Electromagnetism Sparked The Invention Of Electric Motors
May 11, 2016
The invention of  electric motors cannot be credited to one individual but it was Hans Oersted’s discovery of electromagnetism in 1820 that sparked the whole concept off.  Oersted and a few of his hard core electrical enthusiast friends; William Sturgeon, Joseph Henry, Andre Marie Ampere, Michael Faraday, Thomas Davenport and a number of less famous friends developed different versions of
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Will Programmable Logic Controllers Eventually Rule The World?
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Teco - Manufacturers In The Spotlight
Teco - Manufacturers In The Spotlight
March 8, 2016
TECO was founded in Taiwan, it was established in 1956 by Mr. Lin Ho -Yin, Lin Bo - Shi, Chien Sui - Mu, Sun Bing - Huei and Lin Chang - Cheng.  TECO Electric and Machinery Co Ltd has consistently maintained high quality motor production during its 60 year tenure.  Over the past 50 years TECO has managed to overcome obstacles caused by the stalling economy due to the value it puts on staff mem
What Is a Programmable Logic Controller?
What Is a Programmable Logic Controller?
February 2, 2016
A Programmable logic controller is a device that we all take for granted. We use them in all areas of our lives and virtually everything that has been manufactured has been on a production line that has got at least one programmable logic controller in it.  In everyday life the buzz word for programmable logic controller is, smart, as in phone, tv, house and anything else that we input data int
Could ABB Variable Speed Drives Save The UK From Flooding?
Could ABB Variable Speed Drives Save The UK From Flooding?
January 5, 2016
Without a doubt December 2015 can certainly be remembered as the month that the UK floated into the New Year.  The mild winter and heavy rainfall is thought to be a result of warm water in the Pacific Ocean caused by a natural phenomena called an El Nino, this normally occurs every seven to eight years.  Temperatures and weather conditions from all over the globe have been affected causing w