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Terminal and Connectors

Here at LED Controls, we stock a range of terminals and connectors, developed and produced by Cabur, for use in the electrotechnical industry. They produce a number of different type terminal blocks, from high-current to earth terminal blocks, two and three-level terminal blocks, fuse-holder terminal blocks and disconnect terminal blocks. Shop our full range of Cabur’s terminal blocks and connectors below.

Cabur have over 50 years in the industry, producing reliable products for the electrotechnical industry using their own designs. Cabur’s terminals are specially designed to perform even under the most extreme conditions, and are often used in environments with a danger of explosion. Their terminals come with different types of clamps such as screw clamp, spring clamp and insulation piercings, and are available with special functions such as fuse holders, diode holders, terminals with fixtures and terminals for grounding.

Depending on your requirements, terminals are available with hook for profile (DIN guide) or with the ability to be directly fixed to the panel.

Cabur’s terminals are typically produced through the use of two distinctive types of plastic; polyamide and melamine. Those made with polyamide have a permanent rated temperature between -40°C and 100°C, with the melamine rated between -40°C and 135°C.


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CNU/8/51 CARD OF 100 BLANK MARKER TAGS | Terminal and Connectors

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