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Chint Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electronics

Chinese manufacturer CHINT is a relatively new company, founded in 1984. However, the company has grown rapidly in just over 3 decades. In 2006 it was ranked 15th in the Forbes list of Top 100 global companies, having reached a global sales turnover of $2 billion.

CHINT's focus is on low and medium-voltage electrical apparatus. The company's product line includes power transmission and distribution equipment, measuring meters and instruments, electrical products for construction, automation control devices, and automobile parts and applications. It has established an international sales network of over 70 agents, distributors and partners across the world, including LED Controls.

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History of Chint

Chint Group was founded in 1984 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, and produces low-voltage electrical power transmission and electricity distribution components.

The history of the company begins in 1984, when the Yueqing Qiujing Switch Factory was founded, becoming the predecessor to Chint Group. In 1991, a joint Sino-American venture was established, named Wenzhou Chint Electrics Co, which focused on the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment. The Wenzhou Chint Group was incorporated in 1994, before Chint’s first joint-stock limited company Zhejiang Chint Electrics Co. was established in 1997. Following this, Chint carried out a transformation of their shareholding system in all subsidiaries, creating limited companies and limited liability companies. In 1999, their operations became spread further worldwide, with them opening an office in the Middle East, their first overseas location.

This kick started Chint’s campaign to create a “world-class electrics manufacturing enterprise”. Between 2003 and 2011, the set about creating manufacturing bases for a huge range of low-voltage electrical products, including instruments and meters, building appliances, power transmission & distribution equipment, PV power products and industrial automation products. Chint also continued their development by purchasing more than 200 patents from both China and around the world. The worldwide development of Chint Group continued to grow in success, as subsidiaries of the company were created in UAE, Italy, Brazil, Russia and USA.

Chint has continued to the grow to this day, and is now one of the world’s leading developers of clean energy, and providers of energy efficiency management series solutions.

Chint’s Products

Chint has a wide range of sectors, producing varied products from power transmission equipment to car parts.

Their range of power transmission and distribution equipment includes: MV circuit breakers, surge arresters, cables, gas insulated switchgears, reactors, CT & PT, HV & LV busbar trunking systems, HV circuit breakers & disconnectors, capacitors, cut-out fuses, MV/LV switchgears, insulators, and power protection & automation components.

The range of low-voltage electrical products include distribution apparatus, welding machines, modular DIN rails, fuses, travel switches, industrial control and transformers.

Chint also produces a range of instruments and meters, including energy meters, advanced metering infrastructure, prepayment management systems, panel meters and gas meters.

The range of building appliances consists of wall switches and LED lights, while the PV Power System range is made up of grid-tied PV inverters, system products and monitoring systems.

The PV Modules sector of Chint manufactures poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline modules, while the range of Automobile Parts is made up of electronic parts, relays, switches and horns.

As well as products, they also offer a Power EPC Service. This is provided by Chint’s engineering department, and focuses on the implementation of turnkey contracts, related to substations, transmission lines, and power stations, with Chint working on the design, supply, construction, installation, testing and commissioning, with the service so far operating around the world, in countries such as Tanzania, Kenya and China.

Solutions offered by Chint

Chint have spent years developing and creating a range of solutions for varied purposes. Six of their biggest systems are the solar power generation system, the power grid automation system, the process automation system, the machinery automation system, the intelligent building system, and the traffic automation system.

The solar power generation system is part of Chint’s focus on clean energy, and features a modular design, combining the products’ key factors, enhancing adaptability and facilitating design.

The power grid automation system uses a networked distribution structure, allowing users to have real time monitoring and control, as well as fail alarming on the power grid and online verification of the protection value. It’s highly automated, and is also strongly reliable and operable.

The process automation system comes from Chint’s rich experience in the field of automation, and adopts IT and data acquisition for a more efficient control.

Chint’s machinery automation system is used in various fields, from textile and packaging machinery, to construction and printing machinery.

The intelligent building system integrates electric power supply equipment, machines, fire emergency systems, security systems, environmental quality tests and parking management, also utilising renewable energy, distributed PV power generation, small wind power generation and energy storage systems.

Finally, Chint’s traffic automation system integrates a range of sub-systems, sharing information to form an “organic whole”, monitoring and controlling the running status of electromechanical equipment and passenger transport, providing a decision-making functionality for the economical operation of trains, helping to reduce consumption, increase profits, enhance efficiency and improve the service quality for passengers.

Chint Today

Today, Chint has grown to be a strong corporation, moving from just seven employees to a 16,000 strong workforce of engineers, as well as more than 2000 sales representatives. In 2013, Chint was declared the 4th largest private company in China by Forbes, as part of the publication of China’s top 100.

Presently, Chint is overseen by chairman Nan Cunhui, who highlights the company’s priority of energy optimisation in a message on Chint’s website:

“Nowadays, science and technology are under rapid development and the energy optimization has become an inevitable trend. We firmly believe that, as the smart grid, the Internet of Things and clean energy develop, the human society’s progress shall be highly promoted. Chint will go with this trend, keep forging ahead actively, persist in exploration and innovation and dedicate to developing Chint into a global leading clean energy developer and energy efficiency management solution provider.”

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