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Circuit Protection

Here at LED Controls we stock a range of different electrical circuit protection methods such as Miniature Circuit Breakers, RCD’s, RCBO’s, Mains Isolation and Motor Starting Protection. Shop our range of electrical circuit protection below.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

MCB’s are a more advanced version of a basic fuse, which can be reset if they trip - unlike a standard fuse which would need to be replaced. However, miniature circuit breakers will switch themselves off if they detect an overload in the circuit.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

MCCB’s are often used to provide protection to circuits in commercial, industrial, mining and military applications. They work by combining temperature sensitive devices with current sensitive electromagnetic devices, and have a variety of different trip elements to protect against thermal overloads, short circuits and ground fault conditions.


Residual Current Devices are used to protect either a single or number of circuits, and are tripped if they detect a small current imbalance between the live and neutral wires (usually around 30mA). They are available in four basic configurations: hard wired units, protected outlets, plug-in units and a plug for wiring on to the lead of an individual appliance.


These are Residual Current Breakers with Overload protection, which have all the benefits of an MCB and RCD units combined. These electrical circuit protection methods are usually reserved for commercial use as opposed to domestic.

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