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Motor Control Gear

A motor control gear is specially designed to produce high force or torque, and maintain motor output at a low horsepower or low speed. The electrical motor type can be found in many different applications, including lighting, heating and other household machinery such as alarm clocks and washing machines. On a larger scale, motor control gears are specifically designed to operate commercial machinery such as cranes, hospital beds and many more.

The main use for motor control gear is to reduce speed in a gear series, after a gear box is connected to the main shaft and motor rotor using a second reduction shaft. Once the second shaft is connected to the gear box, it then creates a reduction gear series.

Motor control gears are especially useful for equipment that needs to move extremely heavy objects, and as a result needs to produce high quantities of force. This is why motor control gears are most commonly found in equipment such as lift jacks and cranes.

LED controls is a specialist distributor of motor control gear, from electric contactors to overloads. We source our products directly from some of the world’s leading brands including Siemens and ABB. We have different size options, aux varieties and coil voltages. Shop our extensive range below.


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