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Variable Speed Drives

Variable speed drives can also be known as adjustable speed drives or variable frequency drives. They are large industrial pieces of equipment used to regulate the speed and torque output of electric motors.

Variable speed drives are used to help save energy in plants that use powerful electric motors, as well as operating other areas such as sewage and irrigation pumps, paper machines, sawmill conveyors and hospital ventilation systems.

The main aim of variable speed drives is to save on electricity and energy, and have proved to be a successful method of doing so. They can accurately maintain the speed of a driven machine, to save energy and improve efficiency. Compared to motors being controlled by valves that regulate the flow of fuel where the motor speed remains unchanged, VSD’s are a more efficient method of saving energy in the long run.

VSD’s use an integrated rectifier to convert the fixed-frequency and fixed-voltage AC power supply into a DC supply. With the use of integrated power electronics, a fixed sinewave is then converted into a variable sinewave out, which drives the motor. With a constant changing load of an induction motor, VDS’s can quickly change the torque and speed of the motor to keep it at a constant. They can also be operated using a manual interface which allows for the simple configuration and connection to the motors.

Drives are available in a variety of different sizes, and the size in which is chosen depends entirely on the size of the motors they are regulating.

Here at LED Controls, we stock variable speed drives from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers including IMO, Siemens, Toshiba, Danfoss, Invertek, TECO and Yaskawa. The power of our products ranges from 0.12KW to 37KW and our prices vary depending on the type, size and brand of Variable Speed Drive.

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