Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives

Variable speed drives (VSDs)  can also be known as adjustable speed drives or variable frequency drives. They are large industrial pieces of equipment used to regulate the speed and torque output of electric motors.

At LED Controls, we are second to none when it comes to supplying variable speed drives. We stock VSDs from some of the industry's leading manufacturers including Danfoss, ABB, IMO, Toshiba, TECO and Yaskawa.

Their main purpose of VSDs is to reduce the amount of energy and electricity consumption, which they can do without changing motor speed. They can help save energy in plants that use powerful electric motors, as well as operating other areas such as sewage and irrigation pumps, paper machines, sawmill conveyors and hospital ventilation systems.

Drives are available in various different sizes to suit the size of the motors they are regulating. They are also known by several other names including adjustable speed drives, variable frequency drives, AC drives and inverter drives. Since being introduced to the market, they have overtaken DC motors and controllers to become the most popular and cost-effective motor control system.

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