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Programmable Logic Controller

Here at LED Controls, we stock a vast range of Programmable Logic Controllers from leading brands such as Siemens and IMO. Shop our array of products below.

Programmable Logic Controllers can be known as PLC’s, and are industrial computer control systems which monitor the state of input devices. The system performs an input scan, program scan and output scan to determine the state of the devices, so that it can then decide upon how to control them. They are used in many different manufacturing processes as an easy and highly reliable form of programming and performing process fault diagnosis.

Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers

The PLC range from Siemens is their SIMATIC system, which offers a variety of different sizes and functions depending on the requirements. Their basic controllers (S7-1200) are a great, cost-effective and compact option with integrated IO’s and a Profinet Interface, with all features able to be adapted to individual requirements.

The S7-1500 are Siemens advanced controllers, perfect for the product automation and application for medium sized machines which need reliable performance and communication. For decentralized applications, the ET 200SP are designed for machines with a distributed architecture and series machines with limited space. Software controllers are their most advanced systems, which concentrate on providing maximum precision and speed, suitable for high-performance machines.

IMO Programmable Logic Controllers

IMO’s latest introduction to their PLC’s is their new XGB range, which is more compact and technologically advanced than ever before. The systems promise high speed processing, improved quality performance and maximum automation.

The XGB Programmable Logic Controllers feature a more advanced user interface with enhanced functions, as well as a battery-less back-up which guarantees security and reliability of the system.

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