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Programmable Logic Controller

5 key advantages of using PLC systems in manufacturing

November 30, 2023 We supply a wide range of PLCs here at LED Controls, built to the very highest standards by global manufacturers,... Read full
technician checking air conditioning

How the Danfoss VLT® HVAC Drive Series boosts HVAC system performance 

November 29, 2023 The VLT HVAC Drive series is an exemplary offering by Danfoss, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the Heating,... Read full
finder opta

The unique new 8A Series of PLRs from Finder and Arduino

October 17, 2023 Innovation is the key to achieving efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation. FINDER OPTA is... Read full
monitoring relay

Maximising Efficiency and Control: the Carlo Gavazzi Current Monitoring Relay

October 10, 2023 Do you want to avoid unexpected equipment failures and costly downtime in your building infrastructure? If so, LED Controls has... Read full
Distribution box

Distribution board vs. distribution box: what's the difference?

September 25, 2023 In the world of electrical systems and power distribution, the terms distribution board and distribution box are often used interchangeably,... Read full
Timed Relays

Top 4 common uses for timed relays

September 21, 2023 Highly reliable and inherently versatile, timed relays have a wide range of applications across a variety of sectors and industries,... Read full
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