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man in factory

4 common challenges with factory automation (and their solutions)

February 27, 2024 Factory automation has revolutionised industries across the globe, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and safety. However, amidst the advancements, there remain several... Read full
Surge Protection

Here’s what you need to know about surge protection

February 23, 2024 Surge protection devices play a vital role in safeguarding health and safety, as well as preserving valuable electrical equipment and... Read full
Two Engineers look over file

4 key areas to re-evaluate as we begin a New Year

January 24, 2024 We’re already well into the New Year, which means that if you’ve not yet had a chance to take stock... Read full
AI Factory Automation

Here’s what the future might hold for AI and factory automation

January 19, 2024 Over the last twelve months or so, the use of artificial intelligence has exploded across a huge range of sectors... Read full
Programmable Logic Controller

5 key advantages of using PLC systems in manufacturing

November 30, 2023 We supply a wide range of PLCs here at LED Controls, built to the very highest standards by global manufacturers,... Read full
technician checking air conditioning

How the Danfoss VLT® HVAC Drive Series boosts HVAC system performance 

November 29, 2023 The VLT HVAC Drive series is an exemplary offering by Danfoss, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the Heating,... Read full
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