From April, LED Controls will stock the new range of rotary isolator switches from Italian manufacturers Gewiss.

The 70 RT HP range is a new line of safety switches, perfect for all industrial applications, with isolators of 16 to 160A, and the options for plastic or metal boxes. The new line boasts several upgrades to improve the performance, protection, and convenience of your safety products.

Gewiss 70 RT HP Rotary Isolator Switches

Improvements to the rotary switches include:

  • Advanced technical features: The range includes dual metric entry points, optional N/O N/C auxiliary contacts, external fixin points, and plenty of internal space for wiring.
  • Full protection: The 70 RT HP range protects against the ingress of dust and liquid, and has a high level of mechanical resistance.
  • Easy assembly: The 70 RT HP is a convenient choice, offering simple access for installation and maintenance. The plastic front is held on by just four captive, quarter-turn screws, allowing it to be removed and fitted with ease.
  • Strong reliability: With the full protection mentioned above, the 70 RT HP is highly reliable. The metal option is made with painted aluminium alloy, and can perform at a top level even in challenging conditions.

LED Controls will be stocking the line from April - for more information about the product, get in touch by calling 08450 756230 or emailing [email protected].