TECO was founded in Taiwan, it was established in 1956 by Mr. Lin Ho -Yin, Lin Bo - Shi, Chien Sui - Mu, Sun Bing - Huei and Lin Chang - Cheng.  TECO Electric and Machinery Co Ltd has consistently maintained high quality motor production during its 60 year tenure.  Over the past 50 years TECO has managed to overcome obstacles caused by the stalling economy due to the value it puts on staff members.  In the 1950’s TECO was able to continuing growing despite limited resources and capital because it relied heavily on the dedication of its employees.  It is this loyalty and hard work that has transformed TECO into a global $1.9 bn business with over 20,000 employees in 45 countries.


Dedication and Diversification

TECO continues to explore the realms of possibility by diversifying and producing variable speed drives for a variety of industries including; home appliances, telecommunications equipment, IT systems, electromechanical components and commercial electronics.  As if theses particular areas were not enough to keep TECO’s innovative mind buzzing, the company has also ventured into medical information systems, e-commerce, financial investment, the food service industry and a number of other enterprises.  As a result of TECO’s determination to succeed it is hardly surprising that they have become one of the big players in both the manufacturing and financial industry.

TECO - Top Three In The World

In 1973 TECO was publicly listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.  Presently TECO holds its position as one of the top three motor manufacturers in the world.  TECO acquired Italian motor company, Motovario, in 2015.  This new development has enabled TECO to take the leap from from producing motor to power transmissions.  Since 1992 TECO has made every effort to expand and invigorate its business enterprise and has played a major role in the manufacture and installation of wind turbines.  As with all motor industries TECO has continually strives to produce variable speed drives that provide financial as well as environmental benefit.

 Staff Investment

TECO’s most recent innovation are the 510 series variable speed drives, which are high performance and cost effective drives that suit all applications.  With a power range from 0.12 - 600 KW it is easy to see why TECO is gaining momentum in the engineering spotlight.  TECO continues to value its staff and ensures that they continuously receive continued professional development and are shown the respect they deserve.  Teco won 6th National HRD Innovation Prize and Taiwan TrainQuali System (TTQS) Silver Medal Award for its staff training initiatives and its human resources strategy,  “First-Class People, First-Class Products!”.  

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