KS1467.500 Rittal Plastic enclosure WHD: 600x600x200mm

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KS Plastic enclosure, WHD: 600x600x200 mm, Fibreglass-reinforced unsaturated polyester, with mounting plate, with door, viewing window
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Mounting Plate Zinc Plated Sheet Steel
Manufacturer Rittal
Packed Quantity 1
Back Plate Included
Material Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester
Product Range KS
IP Rating IP56
Width 600mm
Depth 200mm
Height 600mm
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You're reviewing:KS1467.500 Rittal Plastic enclosure WHD: 600x600x200mm

Made of fibre glass reinforced non saturated polyester, the Rittal KS range of wall mounted enclosures are solid, versatile and fully insulated. The design enables the range of enclosures to be used where conventional metal housings cannot be used – hard wearing, no risk of corrosion


Features and benefitsImage of Rittal Plastic Enclosures KS

  • Twin seal on the top and bottom edges of the doors on all housings formed by an integral rain protection strip made of hard PVC with a co-extruded PVC sealing lip
  • Interior of enclosure securely protected by an all-round foamed-in PU seal within the profiled U-section of the door
  • Totally insulated design
  • Installation of several mounting levels using press-fitted C rails in the housing for infinitely variable mounting plate depth adjustment
  • Flexible interior door configuration using press-fitted mounting bosses in the door for the attachment of cable routings and other customer-specific attachments
  • High stability thanks to use of fibre-glass reinforced plastic
  • Interior configuration using “bosses” and threaded bushings


CAD data

Using the RiCAD 3D online CAD component library, Rittal offers engineering, climate control, IT and power solutions for the widest range of enclosures and applications from a single source. With professional data for every CAD system the efficiency of your system design is increased and assembly times are reduced.

  • CAD data is also available as an app for reference on the move or from the Rittal website
  • Data can be requested via e-mail
  • Choose from over 70 CAD formats
  • Direct link to the relevant page in the latest Rittal catalogue for an “all-in-one” solution
  • Optimum planning confidence through accurate and validated drawings
  •  By dispensing with the need for lengthy remodelling, time-savings are achieved


PU foam seal

  • Seamless, foamed PU seal within the profiled and protective door U-section
  • Guarantees a permanent and reliable protection category
  • Temperature resistant from -20 degrees C  +80 degrees C
  • May be over-painted and briefly stove enamelled at up to 180 degrees C

Rain protection strip

  • The seal is protected from dust and rain by an integral rain protection strip made of hard PVC with a co-extruded PVC sealing lip
  • Twin seal on the top and bottom edges of the door in all housings

Interchangable door hinge

  • Functionally symmetrical housing design, which means the door hinges can be swapped to the other side of single-door enclosures by rotating the housing.

Design variants

  • Available with viewing window, twin doors or solid door


Interior configuration

  • Mounting bosses for threaded inserts on the rear wall of the housing (with 25mm pitch pattern) and door, thereby facilitating more flexible interior configuration.
  • Mounting bosses with integral threaded inserts for mounting plate and/or C rails
  • C rails pressed in along sides for infinitely variable depth adjustment of the mounting plate

Wall mounting

  • Pre-punched centring points allow drilling without scribing when fastening the enclosures directly from the front.

Mounting plate

  • Zinc plated sheet steel
  • Stable mounting plate for universal machining in every type of application
  • Easy to fasten to screw-in studs in M8 x 12.5 mm threaded inserts



Wall mounting brackets

  • Glass-fibre reinforced plastic, hence consistent design
  • Simple attachment from the outside to the rear panel
  • Mouldings on the rear of the housing help maintain the protection category, as no drilling inside the housing is necessary
  • Load capacity of up to 150kg (when using 4 wall brackets)


Mounting plate depth adjustment

  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Allows several mounting plates to be installed
  • Rails can also be fitted to the depth adjustment bracket

Pole clamp

  • For reliable, convenient fastening to round or square poles



  • Large range of different lock systems
  • Cam may be exchanged for:
    • Ergoform-S handle
    • Plastic handle
    • Lock inserts


For further information on this product please see the  Rittal website

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