LED Controls stocks a range of fans and filters from Pfannenberg, a company that has been producing high quality industrial products for more than five decades.

An introduction to Pfannenberg

Pfannenberg is a worldwide company that produces thermal management equipment, liquid cooling components, and signaling technologies, with a range of high quality, cost-effective fans and filters.

It was founded in 1954 as both an industrial sales agency and an engineering firm by Otto Pfannenberg, and now has headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, as well as many offices and facilities across the globe, in places such as Rotherham, UK; New York, USA; St Petersburg, Russia; Suzhou, China; and Warsaw, Poland.

Pfannenberg logo

The History of Pfannenberg's Products

The first generation of Pfannenberg Filterfan came about in 1958, with the fan built within metal housing, and mounted on the top or side of relevant control cabinets, while the filter came in the form of a cloth that stopped dust particles from reaching within.

In 1982, the Filterfan was updated with the official 2nd generation product. This new fan was produced with self-extinguishing plastic, with improvements to installation and maintenance also innovated. Meanwhile, the original cloth filter was replaced with a mat, containing special air inlets to prevent excessive dust build-up.

Eight years later, and 1990 saw the launch of the 3rd generation Filterfan, this time improving performance and efficiency, while adding a patented folding mechanism. The new mechanism enabled users to replace two different sized filter mats easily and quickly.

Finally, the fourth generation fan was launched, and is still in use. The new design features a 4-corner fastening system, optimised rotor blades and fins, and an improved longer service life.

Pfannenberg 4th Generation FilterFan

The Pfannenberg Product Range

  • Thermal Management
    Pfannenberg product tried and tested methods of thermal management, offering a solution to most challenges in the area. Products include filterfans, air heat exchangers, cooling units, water heat exchangers, heaters, thermostats, hygrostats, and more.
  • Signaling Technologies
    Pfannenberg create products to ensure signaling, warning and alarming is carried out with efficient, reliable methods. Products include visual signaling components, audible signaling, combined signaling, signal towers, ex-atex signaling, obstacle lights, M12 plug signaling devices, and art illumination.
  • Liquid Cooling
    Ready to run chillers are manufactured and stocked by Pfannenberg, with just piping and power needed to get them up and running.

Pfannenberg at LED Controls

At LED Controls, we stock a range of Pfannenberg's industrial fans and filters, including a range of DTI recessed mounting door/side fans, and DTS outer mounting doors and sides. Our products include the iconic Pfannenberg fourth generation Filterfan.

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