As one of the leading manufacturers of electrical enclosures, Rittal's new VX range has been anticipated with much excitement. With many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the industry, the VX25 offers users an incredible number of benefits. One of the most flexible and adaptable models yet, this new series promises to revolutionise electrical enclosure use for all its buyers.

The VX 25 is part of the comprehensive Rittal system. It provides everything you need from a modern enclosure manufacturer, from engineering tools, to enclosures, power distribution and climate control, as well as the full range of accessories for assembling and configuring enclosures.

The VX 25 is a new platform which can be integrated seamlessly into fully automated switchgear and controlgear manufacturing. Workflows become more transparent, faster and more efficient.

rittal vx enclosure

If you're still not sure if you should make the switch, here are just some reasons professionals are choosing this new series:

Key benefits of Rittal's VX25


The new system offers its users more flexibility than ever before. A comprehensive modular system, the VX25 includes climate control, IT infrastructure systems, enclosure and distribution.


Businesses can become more competitive than ever with increased automation controls. Using various tools, such as digitised QR codes, most processes can be automated and optimised for a smoother workflow, which can be applied to many levels including the workshop.

Time saving

Thanks to the intuitive design of the enclosure's configuration, up to 95% of time could be saved by businesses. The Rittal Configuration system is available online and easy to use, allowing all users to customise their accessories and achieve a precise placement. Cut-outs can be defined to suit individual needs and holes can be drilled automatically. All of this can be tailored to the millimetre to ensure absolute accuracy throughout every step of the process. With simple generation of files for CAD purposes, Rittal's VX is highly compatible with a whole range of processes. The CAD files also provide you with the ability to adjust the Perforex machining centre, no matter the batch size you're working with.

Unmatched quality

The VX25 has received world-wide approval and has been certified to meet high global standards and benchmarks. Users can expect flawless working with minimal repairs needed throughout the product's long lifespan. The VX25 is made in Germany and manufactured to Industry 4.0 standard.

To further increase the enclosure's durability, the surfaces have been treated with specialist nanoceramic protection against corrosion, meaning the system will be able to resist the negative effects of lubricants, mineral oils, solvents and machining emulsions.

Seamless installation

The new hinge can be installed without tools, doors can be removed with little fuss and the hinge bolts don't need to be locked and unlocked separately. The fact that the frame has fewer parts than before also contributes to a more seamless installation process and lessens the complexity of the design. The vertical and horizontal parts are identical, meaning the exact same rails and punched sections can be used, which means part variants decrease by 40%. Installation is also more secure, so less maintenance will have to be carried out as the base is incredibly stable and can support the internal enclosures. With a wide opening, the cables can be mounted quickly into the base.


Because of the VX25's PU seal that is foamed in, the enclosure's elasticity is increased. What's more, this can be painted without compromising the safety of the system. Rounded edges also keep workers safe and are designed to adhere to only the highest of standards set by occupational health and safety boards for equipment.

Compatibility with Blue e+

For many businesses, the VX25's compatibility with Blue e+ technology is a great benefit. Integrating the two systems is just as easy as installing the VX25, meaning the cooling unit fits seamlessly into the enclosure. There's no assembly needed, as the door limit switch, cabling and cooling unit come ready to use.

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