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Power Distribution

LED Controls supplies an extensive range of power distribution products, from globally renowned industry manufacturer ABB. Their product selection includes consumer units, Outgoing MCBs & RCB0s, distribution boards and incomer options. Shop the full range of ABB’s power distribution products below.

We stock a range of ABB’s Housemaster Consumer Units, which are available in different characteristics (B,C,D,K,Z), configurations (1P,1P+N,2P,3P,3P+N,4P), breaking capacities (up to 6 kA at 230/400 V AC) and rated currents (up to 63A). The units come complete with blanking plates, busbar, busbar cover, and terminal bars.

Distribution boards from ABB are also available here at LED Controls, to provide safety, reliability and availability in the electrical building installation. They are especially designed to ensure the ease of installation, modification and operation while making all of these tasks less time consuming. The systems come in busbar and multi row types, depending on requirements.

We stock ABB’s Type B TP & N distribution boards, which are especially designed for individual monitoring of the power and lighting circuits within an installation. Some of the many features include an integral door latch with key, earth and neutral terminals, and a reversible door. The boards are construted to BS EN60439 part 1 & 3, and have a voltage rating at 230/400v 50Hz.

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