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Electric Motors

Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and then into rotational force using electromagnetism. In order to operate, the motor’s magnetic field and winding currents work together to generate a force. Rotating coils of wire are driven by the magnetic force produced, which is what transforms the energy. The movement caused by the creation of this electrical energy is what helps to power many electrical devices and drives the rotation of their components.

Small electric motors can be found in items such as wristwatches, disk drives and household appliances such as washing machines or food processors for example. Electric motors can also be found in the batteries of electric cars, which is what causes the wheels to rotate. For industrial use, electric motors are produced on a much larger scale and are used to power machinery such as industrial fans and blowers. The largest and most powerful electric motors can reach up to 100 megawatts, and are used for pumped-storage applications, pipeline compression and ship propulsion.

LED Controls stocks a range of electric motors from some of the world’s leading brands such as TECO and Brook Crompton. Our products vary from foot mounted to flange mounted, with the option of 2 pole to 8 pole motors. Depending on your requirements we stock a variety of different power electric motors, with KW ratings from 0.09KW up to 90KW, in either aluminium or cast iron casings. Shop our range of electric motors below.

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