NDR-75-48 Power Supply 90-264VAC 1 phase input, output 48 volts DC 1.6 Amps

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As stocked by Led Controls the Meanwell power supply NDR-75-48 works with a single phase input of 90-264 volts and has a dc current output of 48 volts and can supply up to 1.6 amps and has a power output of 75 watts.

This power supply is easily mountable to the standard 35mm din rail and the contacts can easily be tightened or released by a small flat screwdriver.

Printed on the face of the Meanwell power supply are the input and output values including the live and neutral input and the dc current output are clearly marked to keep the wiring installation simple and swift.

More Information
Manufacturer Meanwell
Output Voltage 48VDC
Product Lead Time In Stock 2/3 days Delivery
Output Current 1.6Amps
Input Single Phase
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You're reviewing:NDR-75-48 Power Supply 90-264VAC 1 phase input, output 48 volts DC 1.6 Amps
The Mean Well DIN rail single phase range of MDR and DR power supplies are ideal for use inside control panels and powering a variety of other industrial applications within the control and automation market. The switched-mode PSUs within this range boast a miniature profile; perfect for when space is of a premium. The units range from 10 Watts to 100 Watts with output voltages between 5V and 48V DC.

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