GW70490P Gewiss Enclosed Isolator 80A 4P R/Y IP66/67/69

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As part of the stocked electrical isolators here at LED Controls the Gewiss GW70490P is a plastic emergency enclosed rotary isolator with 4 pole’s and rated to 80 amps.

This Gewiss Isolator comes with a grey back box with a bright yellow lid and striking red handle so it can be easily seen and located in an emergency. External dimensions for the isolator are 200mm long, 156mm wide and 95mm deep including the handle.

On the rear external face of the isolator there are two ways of attaching it to a surface with 4 points manufactured through the back of the base and two external holes molded into the top and the bottom of the base making it easy to be attached to a machine panel or wall surface. The positions of the four mounting points on the isolator are marked clearly in millimeters on the back of the case so you can pre-drill the mounted surface correctly to attach the isolator if needed.

The base has four knockouts manufactured in the isolator base, two in the top and two in the bottom which can be easily be removed as needed with a flat screwdriver for cable entry and exit through fitted cable glands. (not supplied)

The face of the enclosed isolator it attached to the grey base with four slotted insulated plastic screws which can be removed or tightened with just a quarter turn which makes the installation of the isolator face very quickl.

The maximum sized cable that can be fitted in the isolator contacts is 25 mm².

The red switch on the front of the isolator can be locked in the off position and has been manufactured in a way that there can be three separate padlocks to lock it off.

This enclosed isolator has an IP protection degree of IP66/IP67/IP69 and a shock resistance rating of IK08.

  • 2 Mounting options
  • 4 Cable knockouts
  • Quick quarter turn screw fitment
  • Lockable in the off position
  • IP Rating: IP66/IP67/IP69
  • Knock rating: IK08
  • Max cable size: 25 mm²
  • Gray base/Yellow face/Red Handle
  • Dimensions: 200mmx156mmx95mm
More Information
Manufacturer Gewiss
Number of Poles 4 pole
Rating Amps 80Amp
Mount Type In Enclosure
Product Lead Time In Stock Delivery next working day
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Gewiss 70 RT HP Range Rotary Isolator Switches

The Gewiss GW70 range of rotary surface mount isolator has an amperage range of 16A to 160A, the range has been designed to simplify installation and reducing the wiring time whilst offering the highest level of protection. The GW70's rugged dsign will ensure circuits can be isolated in even the most difficult condiions. The 70 RT has been desinged and built using only high performance materials and comes in both insulating material and metal, with controla and emergency versions. Launched in 2018 these isolators have been desinged and buiolt with modern applications in mind and have revolutionised the industy, leaving the competition behind

The isolators are rated at IP66/IP67 and IP69, with an IK rating of IK08, they are lockable with 4 quater tern lid screws to enable easy installation.

Further details are below

Gewiss GW70 rotary isolator

GW70 Datasheet

GW70 dimentions

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