CIMR-JCBA0010BAA Yaskawa Variable Speed Drive J1000 200V VT:9.6A/2.2KW, CT 8A/1.5KW IP20

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CIMR-JCBA0010BAA Yaskaw Drive J1000 200V VT:9.6A/2.2KW, CT 8A/1.5KW IP20 1Ph in / 3Ph out

The J1000 meets all automation requirements for compact applications with variable speed operation and energy saving characteristics. A wide range of useful functions upgrade your machine and offer great potentials.

  • Stall Prevention Functions for stable operation during changes of load or power supply
  • Over-Excitation Braking for quick deceleration without external braking resistor
  • Detects load and automatically adjusts torque regardless the actual speed conditions
  • J1000 automatically sets parameters needed for major applications.
    The same easily unterstandable parameter structure like in other YASKAWA 1000 series
    drives allows hassle free setup in shortest time
  • Long life design for 10 years of maintenance-free operation
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VSD Range J1000
Manufacturer Yaskawa
Filter No Filter
KW Rating 2.2KW,1.5KW
phase Single Phase in/Three Phase out
IP Rating IP20
Product Lead Time In Stock
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You're reviewing:CIMR-JCBA0010BAA Yaskawa Variable Speed Drive J1000 200V VT:9.6A/2.2KW, CT 8A/1.5KW IP20

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