chint nl1-100-2100/300 100a 300ma 2 pole rcd 2 pole

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RCDs (Residual Current Devices) react faster than miniature circuit breakers and providei increased safety as a result of that. RCDs are constantly monitoring the circuit balance and as soon as a fault is detected they disconnect the circuit. Chint's range of NL1 RCD's are available in a choice of poles, current ratings and mA ratings.

Chints circuit protection devices are an essential part of any electric network. They are designed to protect against hazardous, excessive amounts of temperature or electrical current by limiting the amount of energy that is liberated in the event of an electrical failure. Overcurrent conditions are products of overloads or short circuits. An overload is a result of either a faulty item in the system, or too many items being connected to one specific circuit. Short circuits occur when a live conductor comes into contact with an exposed conductive part.

Having circuit protection safety measures securely ensures the automatic disconnection of the circuits in use. In the event of an overload this will prevent any damage to your networks and the equipment that uses the networks.

LED Controls stock definitive and thorough range of circuit protection products and devices for both the domestic and commercial markets. We aim to price our products competitively with further offers and discounts based on quantity.

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Protection Type RCD
Manufacturer Chint
Amp Range 0.1A - 0.13A
Number of Poles 2 pole
Amperage 100A
Trip Curve Type Type B 10KA
Product Lead Time In Stock Standard Delivery 2/3 Days
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