CA-43A Safybox with a High Clear Lid 360Hx270Wx205D

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CA-43A Safybox Junction Box with a High Clear Lid 360Hx270Wx205D

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Manufacturer Safybox
Material GRP-Polycarbonate
IP Rating IP66
Depth 205mm
Width 270mm
Height 360mm
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BRES range of monoblock cabinets for electricity manufactured in fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP enclosure).

Characteristics of the SAFYBOX-BRES electrical box:

Monoblock body with door, made of light grey fiberglass reinforced polyester Ral 7035 (GRP / SMC)

Hinged door with key lock. Version of the cabinet with door with transparent window available (UV stabilized).

The Bres enclosures are rated at IP66 tightness and impact resistance IK10, perfect for outdoor applications.

There are a wide range of accessories including:

  • Modular chassis,
  • Plinths
  • Viewing windows
  • Locking systems
  • Cable glands
  • Wall brackets
  • air vents and much more

Innovation and added value:

The Bres range comes in 8 different sizes to suit most applications, if you cannot see the size you require please get in touch as there are other ranges from Uriarte Safybox which include the CA, DIN and ART which may have the size you require

The Bres range can be Individual installed or connected to each other to make electrical panels thanks to coupling flanges (modularity).

Flexibility: Easy to perform machining for cable input / output and customize the electrical enclosure to your needs. In our factories we have machining robots that allow us to do this work for you quickly, clean and economically.

Double insulation: Through the use of double insulated holes for wall mounting, the electrical equipment or switchgear assembly inside is completely isolated from the outside in order to avoid accidents and certify its electrical safety and insulation.

Benefits of the materials:

The reinforced thermoset polyester with which they are manufactured is the best insulating material available in the market. Ideal even in the most aggressive environments.

Self-extinguishing material. If there is a fire, the flame will not spread. Polyester is a thermostable and will not deform if there is overheating or fire.

Non-conductive material of electricity: Unlike metal boxes there is no danger in handling and we are not at risk of electrical shock (See accident video by download in the security section)

Easy maintenance They are ideal for outdoor use since they perfectly withstand the effects of weather in aggressive environments thanks to their material. It is non-hygroscopic and is protected against UV light, which allows an optimum operation of + 100º to -50º.

Total absence of toxic components and heavy metals fulfilling perfectly with the European Regulation of dangerous substances.

Customisation Options

Uriarte Safybox offer a wide range of customisation options on their range of enclosures.

Laser marking – Uriarte offer a laser marking service so you can have your company logo added the front of your enclosure or get rid of the mimic on the front of your enclosure and have the information lasered straight on to the front of the Bres enclosure

Hole cutting – Uriarte Safbox offer a hole cutting service, you can get you enclosures ready to install the buttons, HMI’s or indicators, saving you time and ensuring a quality finish

Turnkey solutions – Uriarte also offer a full turnkey solution, providing you with a fully equipped GRP enclosure

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