Innovation is the key to achieving efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation. FINDER OPTA is an innovator in harnessing technology's power to optimise processes. This revolutionary product is the first-ever programmable logic relay designed to bring cutting-edge capabilities to various applications in industrial automation, OEM, and building automation sectors.

Crafted in Italy

FINDER OPTA is a remarkable example of Italian craftsmanship and engineering expertise. This series of programmable logic relays is designed with precision in Italy, combining Finder's decades of industrial experience with the innovative platform of Arduino. The result is a truly unique product that stands out in the field of industrial automation. With the perfect blend of industrial experience and cutting-edge technology, FINDER OPTA offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

Versatile programmability

FINDER OPTA is a versatile product that stands out for its flexibility in programming. It can be programmed using traditional IEC 61131-3 (Ladder) and open-source languages (IDE/ARDUINO). This feature enables users to adapt the product to their specific requirements, making it an invaluable addition to a wide variety of applications.

Power and connectivity at your fingertips

FINDER OPTA is a versatile programmable logic relay designed for predictive maintenance applications. It boasts a powerful dual-core Cortex M7+M4 chip that enables a large number of real-time computing operations. But that's not all - with its multiple connectivity options, including RJ45, USB (type C), RS485, and integrated WiFi/BLE modules, FINDER OPTA ensures seamless communication and data transfer. Its impressive performance and connectivity make it a true powerhouse in programmable logic relays.

Security and reliability

In automation, security is paramount, and FINDER OPTA delivers on that front. The product features an integrated secure element chip that effectively manages encryption and data keys in various applications. This ensures that your data remains safe and confidential. Additionally, with over 65 years of industrial expertise in relay manufacturing, Finder guarantees the reliability and durability of the product. So, you can rest assured that FINDER OPTA provides unmatched security and a reliable solution for your automation needs.

Open source and user-friendly

FINDER OPTA simplifies the interaction between electronic devices and the physical world, making it easy for users with varying technical expertise. It's programmed using open-source, license-free software (IDE ARDUINO) and IEC 61131-3 languages (LADDER, FBD), which encourages creativity and innovation in automation projects.

A product line tailored to your needs

The FINDER OPTA series offers a range of options to cater to diverse requirements. The LITE model (Type 8A. is ideal for basic applications and features a USB (type C) High-Speed port for programming, data logging, and Ethernet connections. The PLUS+ RS485 model (Type 8A. includes RS485 ports for MODBUS RTU connections. Lastly, the ADVANCED+ WIFI and BLE model (Type 8A. boasts integrated WiFi/BLE modules for added convenience.

Applications that know no bounds

FINDER OPTA is an incredibly versatile solution with a wide range of applications. It can be used to improve production automation in manufacturing plants and machinery operations and enhance utilities and logistics hubs. With its remote programming and operation capabilities, FINDER OPTA can enable productivity improvements and seamless implementation of Industry 4.0 capabilities. This technology also finds utility in managing electrical loads in various settings, such as airports, shopping malls, exhibitions, and underground city parking. Furthermore, it adds value to home and industrial buildings by optimising HVAC systems, air conditioning, and home automation. In short, FINDER OPTA is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition. With its cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance, FINDER OPTA is truly a game-changer in industrial automation. So why wait? Join the revolution today and experience the power of FINDER OPTA for yourself!