AE1005.600 Rittal Compact enclosure WHD: 300x380x210mm Stainless steel

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AE Compact enclosure, WHD: 300x380x210 mm, Stainless steel 1.4301, with mounting plate, single-door, with one cam lock
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Mounting Plate Zinc Plated Sheet Steel
Manufacturer Rittal
Packed Quantity 1
Back Plate Included
Material Stainless Steel
Product Range AE
IP Rating IP66
Width 300mm
Depth 210mm
Height 380mm
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You're reviewing:AE1005.600 Rittal Compact enclosure WHD: 300x380x210mm Stainless steel

Image of Rittal Compact Enclosures AEOne of the most durable enclosures on the market, a versatile, adaptable enclosure which is also extremely strong and resistant to most common environmental hazards. Available in a wide range of different sizes, there is one which is of the appropriate dimensions for almost any operation. Each enclosure has been made from tough, high-quality materials to a demanding build specification. Quality checked and assured at every stage, top manufacturing techniques have been employed to create an enclosure which is specifically designed to cope with the task in hand. 

Triple coated housing surfaces

Each surface has a number of protective coatings, ensuring optimal protection from corrosion in a setting where this is always a priority. Enclosure protection at the point of entry through multiple folding minimises the risk of dirt, dust or detritus entering the AE Enclosure during use, potentially contaminating the contents.

Excellent mounting both inside and out

The interior mounting of the enclosure has been designed with its end purpose in mind. Interior rails and perforated mounting strips ensure that contents can be arranged in multiple configurations, quickly, easily and securely. No matter what type of internal set-up is required, the AE Enclosure can house it correctly. Cable entry is made as easy as possible, with a variety of different options on offer to accommodate whatever cable combination is required for effective performance. The entire enclosure can be mounted either directly on a wall or on a bracket. Because the relevant holes have already been drilled out, mounting is fast and secure.

This is a well made product, where every feature has been designed to make usage as easy as possible. Cost-effective to purchase and built for durability and longevity, this is a secure, dependable specialist storage option that won't let you down.

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