131F7150 VLT FC302-P45K 45KW/90Amps IP20 Standard Version No Keypad

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Danfoss variable frequency drive 131F7150 VLT FC302-P45K 45KW/90Amps IP20 Standard Version No Keypad VLT Automation Drive The VLT Automation Drive is a single drive concept that covers the entire range of application, which is a major benefit in commissioning, operating and maintaining the equipment. The modular open-technology platform that VLT Automation Drive is built on makes it exceptionally adaptable and programmable. Its configurable, user-friendly interface supports local languages and letters. Pluggable options The drive solution can be adapted to any application due to the flexible option structure. Numerous options are available and can be mounted and tested from factory or be plugged in later for change-over or upgrade. Adapts to the future The modular concept of VLT Automation Drive makes it highly adaptable also to future features and options. Modularity offers the benefit of buying on a need-to-have basis without losing future possibilities. Hot pluggable Control Panel The Local Control Panel (LCP) can be plugged in directly or connected through a cable for remote commissioning. The LCP can be disconnected during operation and replaced with a blind cover. Settings are easily transferred via the LCP from one drive to another or from a PC to a drive with the VLTSet-up Software MCT 10. Awarded VLT Automation Drive has received the Frost & Sullivan award for innovation and the iF Design Award for its user-friendliness. The perfect solution for: •Industrial automation •High dynamic applications •Safety installations Options The following options are available: Fieldbus options MCA 101 Profibus MCA 104 Device Net MCA 105 CanOpen MCA 113 Profibus VLT3000 protocol converter MCA 114 Profibus VLT5000 protocol converter MCA 121 Ethernet IP I/O and feedback options MCA 101 General Purpose I/O MCB 102 Encoder MCB 103 Resolver MCB 105 Relay MCB 113 Extended Relay Card MCB 107 24 V input option for control voltage Safety options MCA 131 Safety BUS p option with Safe I/O MCB 108 Safety PLC interface (DC/DC converter) MCB 112 ATEX-PTC Thermistor Card Motion Control Options MCO 305 Programmable Motion Controller MCO 350 Synchronizing Controller MCO 351 Positioning Controller MCO 352 Center Winder Controller Power options Brake resistors Sine-Wave Filters dU/dt Filters Harmonic Filters (AHF) Other accessories IP 21/NEMA 1 Kit (convert IP 20 to IP 21) Sub-D9 Connector Decoupling plate for fieldbus cables USB connection cable to PC Panel Through option. 131F7150, FC-302P45KT5E20H2XXXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX Three Phase in/Three Phase out

More Information
VSD Range VLT FC302
Manufacturer Danfoss
Filter Industrial Filter
KW Rating 45KW, 55KW
phase Three Phase Input / Three Phase Output
IP Rating IP20
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