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Rittal is without a doubt most famous for its, System', which allows you to run a production line from one control centre.

Since 1961 Rittal has strived to become a world leader in systems provider for enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure and software & services.

Its 10,000 strong staff work in complete synergy to ensure that your systems can work as efficiently as possible.

All software on their systems has been written by their sister company Eplan resulting in smooth operation and Rittal fulfilling their aim to be both responsible for the environment and society.

LED Controls is an official reseller of Rittal products and stocks a large variety of Rittal enclosures.

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KS1449.500 ENCLOSURE C/W VIEWING WINDOW 400Wx600Hx200D IP56 | Default Category
£183.31 Inc VAT | £152.76 Exc VAT
AE1260.500 ENCLOSURE 600Wx1200Hx300D IP56 | Default Category
ENCLOSURE 600Wx1200Hx300D IP56
£208.82 Inc VAT | £174.02 Exc VAT
AE1014.600 S/S ENCLOSURE 760Wx760Hx300D IP66 | Default Category
S/S ENCLOSURE 760Wx760Hx300D IP66
£491.66 Inc VAT | £409.72 Exc VAT
AE1038.500 ENCLOSURE 380Wx600Hx210D IP66 | Default Category
ENCLOSURE 380Wx600Hx210D IP66
£74.14 Inc VAT | £61.78 Exc VAT
KS1467.500 ENCLOSURE C/W VIEWING WINDOW 600Wx600Hx200D IP56 | Default Category
£257.52 Inc VAT | £214.60 Exc VAT
AE1100.500 ENCLOSURE 1000Wx760Hx210D IP55 | Default Category
ENCLOSURE 1000Wx760Hx210D IP55
£228.35 Inc VAT | £190.29 Exc VAT
AE1017.600 S/S ENCLOSURE 800Wx1200Hx300D IP66 | Default Category
S/S ENCLOSURE 800Wx1200Hx300D IP66
£640.49 Inc VAT | £533.74 Exc VAT
AE1045.500 ENCLOSURE 400Wx500Hx210D IP66 | Default Category
ENCLOSURE 400Wx500Hx210D IP66
£72.65 Inc VAT | £60.54 Exc VAT
KS1479.500 ENCLOSURE C/W VIEWING WINDOW 800Wx1000Hx300D IP56 | Default Category
£607.91 Inc VAT | £506.59 Exc VAT
AE1110.500 ENCLOSURE 1000Wx1000Hx300D IP55 | Default Category
ENCLOSURE 1000Wx1000Hx300D IP55
£268.38 Inc VAT | £223.65 Exc VAT
AE1019.600 S/S ENCLOSURE 1000Wx1200Hx300D IP55 | Default Category
S/S ENCLOSURE 1000Wx1200Hx300D IP55
£757.72 Inc VAT | £631.43 Exc VAT
AE1350.500 ENCLOSURE 500Wx500Hx300D IP66 | Default Category
ENCLOSURE 500Wx500Hx300D IP66
£114.72 Inc VAT | £95.60 Exc VAT
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The History of Rittal

German company Rittal was founded in 1961 by Rudolf Loh, following the invention of the standard enclosure, with the first model titled AE. Rittal’s manufacture of enclosures grew quickly, and three years later, the first out-of-Germany branch of the company opened in the Netherlands. Towards the end of the 1960s, more development work was culminated, with the creation of the RS large enclosure, which began production in 1969.

Rittal logo

In the 1970s, the first big change of the company took place, as founder Rudolf Loh was replaced as CEO by son Friedhelm Loh, who is still in the role to this day. Elsewhere, the company continued to expand, opening it’s first branch in Sweden in 1971, and by 1979, several other European locations. Rittal also moved its headquarters, relocating to Herborn, a historic town in German state of Hesse.

Moving into the 1980s, the growth of Rittal continued at a rapid rate, with the company opening a new division dedicated to power distribution in 1982, and a division for climate control in 1983. The focus on enclosures wasn’t lost though, as in 1985, Rittal saw the market launch of their new PS 4000 enclosure, which after just three years had become a global standard. The geographical expansion of Rittal wasn’t slowing down either, with the first expansion away from mainland Europe seeing a subsidiary and production site opening in Ohio, USA in 1982, and another production site in the UK in 1984.

After the 80s saw expansion to the West, 1993 saw growth in the East, as Rittal opened subsidiaries in Eastern Europe and Asia. The 90s also saw upgrades to Rittal to keep up to date with changing technology, opening a brand new modern forwarding warehouse in Haiger, Germany. Production of new products continued too, with the TS 8 enclosure platform launching at the end of the century in 1999.

Moving into the new millennium, Rittal’s products continuously developed and evolved, launching the new RimatriX5 system solution for data centres in 2004, and in 2008 combining all consulting, services, and products into a new brand known as “Rittal – The System”. In 2011, Rittal celebrated their 50th birthday, whilst their TS 8 enclosure had become a huge global standard, with more than 7.7 million units in use across the world.

Rittal Today

Today, Rittal is bigger than ever, operating globally as part of the Friedhelm Loh group, overseen by current CEO Friedhelm Loh, son of Rittal’s founder Rudolf. Rittal is the flagship company of the group, and is joined by steel service company Stahlo, CAE solution provider EPLAN, plastic product manufacturer LKH, and business support company Cideon.

Today, Rittal has locations across six continents. Starting in Germany, there are now 14 Rittal branches in the founding country, as well as other locations in other European countries including Austria, Bosnia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Turkey, and the UK. In Australasia, Rittal has locations in Australia and New Zealand, while Asian locations include South Korea, China, India, Japan, and Thailand. In North America, there are now two USA branches, as well as Rittal openings in Mexico and Canada, while South America has a spreading of locations across Argentina, Brazil, Chili, Peru and more.

Rittal has a workforce of more than 10,000 people operating across the globe, developing the newest products in electrical engineering, information technology, and the automotive industry, with enclosures, power distribution, climate control, IT infrastructure, software and service. In total there are 58 subsidiaries of Rittal, and 13 production sites scattered worldwide. The company still operates with a responsibility towards the environment and society, and as such, has donated more than €5 million to charity in the 21st century so far.

Rittal headquarters in Germany

Rittal’s Product Offerings

Rittal offers a wide range of products, with it’s main range being all about electrical enclosures. Enclosures created by Rittal include IT enclosures, small enclosures, compact enclosures, stainless steel enclosures, hygienically designed enclosures, operating housings, and outdoor enclosures.

Over the years, the Rittal product range has expanded to include other offerings, such as power distribution systems. This range features Busbar systems, the Ri4Power Form, and solutions for IT Power.

The Climate Control division of Rittal manufactures cooling units, liquid cooling appliances, air cooling equipment, enclosure heaters, and IT cooling solutions.

Rittal’s IT Infrastructure division offers IT enclosure systems, IT power solutions, IT cooling, IT monitoring, IT security, and modular data centre solutions.

Looking further into the IT sector, Rittal offer a variety of software and services, including CAD data software, planning software, management software, consulting services and more.

Finally, Rittal has a selection of automation system products, including machining, assembly, wire processing, and handling tools.

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