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Motor Starting

Here at LED Controls we stock a range of motor starting gear such as soft starters, manual motor starters, DOL starters and star delta starters from industry leading brands including Siemens and Danfoss. Shop our full list of products below.

Motor soft starters

A soft starter is a device used to control the acceleration of an electric motor, by temporarily reducing the load and torque. They are used to control the conduction angle of an SRC, so that the supply voltage can be controlled.

When using a soft starter, there can be two types of control; an open control and a closed loop control. With a closed loop control, the starting voltage depends on the current drawn or the speed of the motor, but with an open control, a start voltage is applied irrespective of either factor.

Manual motor starters

Manual motor starters are essentially electromechanical protection devices for the main circuit of a motor. With a manual motor starter, you can provide overload protection, magnetic trip indication and protection against short-circuit failures and disconnection.

DOL starters

A Direct On Line (DOL) starter is the most basic form of motor starting gear, and is made up of a circuit breaker, contactor and overload relay for the protection of motors.

Star delta starters

Star delta starters are specially designed for cage motors, and are one of the most common types of starters. It gets its name due to the way that the motor windings are connected during starting, in a star configuration.

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