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GW70488P - Enclosed Isolator 25A 4P R/Y IP66/67/69

GW70488P - Enclosed Isolator 25A 4P R/Y IP66/67/69

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GW70488P - Enclosed Isolator 25A 4P (3 pole + neutral) R/Y IP66/67/69

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GW70488P - Enclosed Isolator 25A 4P R/Y IP66/67/69 Enclosed Isolator - HP - EMERGENCY - ISOLATING MATERIAL BOX - 25A 4P - LOCKABLE RED KNOB - IP66/67/69

70 RT HP is a range of 16A to 160A isolator switches both in insulating material and metal, offered both in the control and emergency versions, and is completed by panel versions for door-lock or DIN rail mounting 16 to 63A, all can be accessorized also with auxiliary contacts. The products offer technologically advanced solutions that simplify installation, reduce wiring time and guarantee maximum protection and sturdiness even in the most severe conditions, thanks also to the use of high performance materials.
Additional Information

Number of Poles
4 Pole
Rating Amps
Mount Type
In Enclosure
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