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Brook Crompton

For the past 100 years Brook Crompton has been a leading manufacturer in the production of high efficiency electric motors. The name Brook Crompton was established in the 1960s when Colonel Crompton of Crompton & Co (pioneer of the DC electric motor) merged with Earnest Brook of Brook Motors (who made his first AC motor in Huddersfield) to form Brook Crompton.

Brook and Crompton's high quality electric motors are used in many industries including; water treatment, building companies and any industries that require fans. Brook and Crompton are committed to providing a versatile service so that all manufacturing needs can be met. As will all engineering industries they place a great emphasis on energy efficiency.

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056B129202-0.12KW-Foot mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-B-DA56MB | Default Category
056B129202-0.12KW-Foot mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-B-DA56MB
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056B129206-0.09KW-Foot mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-B-DA56MB
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071B189209-0.18KW-Foot mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-B-DA71MA | Default Category
071B189209-0.18KW-Foot mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-B-DA71MA
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132B329227-3KW-Foot mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-B-DA132MA | Default Category
132B329227-3KW-Foot mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-B-DA132MA
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160A419225-7.5KW-Foot mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-A-DA160MA | Default Category
160A419225-7.5KW-Foot mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-A-DA160MA
£600.00 Inc VAT | £500.00 Exc VAT
 -4KW-Flange Mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-B-DA160MA-D | Default Category
-4KW-Flange Mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-B-DA160MA-D
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090A229204-2.2KW-Flange Mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-A-DA90LA-D | Default Category
090A229204-2.2KW-Flange Mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-A-DA90LA-D
£600.00 Inc VAT | £500.00 Exc VAT
090A229208-1.5KW-Flange Mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-A-DA90LA-D | Default Category
090A229208-1.5KW-Flange Mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-A-DA90LA-D
£600.00 Inc VAT | £500.00 Exc VAT
A-DA160MA-D-7.5KW-Flange Mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-A-DA160MA-D | Default Category
A-DA160MA-D-7.5KW-Flange Mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-A-DA160MA-D
£600.00 Inc VAT | £500.00 Exc VAT
A-DA112MA-D-2.2KW-Flange Mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-A-DA112MA-D | Default Category
A-DA112MA-D-2.2KW-Flange Mounted-Aluminium-Frame size-A-DA112MA-D
£600.00 Inc VAT | £500.00 Exc VAT
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History of Brook Crompton

The history of Brook Crompton dates back to 1878, when Colonel Crompton formed company R.E.B. Crompton & Co. In 1904, Ernest Brook produced his first ever motor in the town of Huddersfield, leading to the creation of Brook Motors. Both companies continued to operate individually until the 1970s, when they became Brook Crompton.

Brook Crompton Logo

The merger of the two companies was just the start of a great period of growth, driven through several acquisitions, with Brook Crompton now the parent of other familiar names such as Electrodrives, Newman, Hawker Siddeley Electric Motors, and Crompton Parkinson.

To this day, Brook Crompton remains close to its roots, with operations based in Huddersfield, but also has facilities across the world. Brook Crompton’s first North American endeavour came in 1958 with the opening of a plant in Toronto, Canada, with more operations opening in the USA in the following decades. There’s also a Brook Crompton presence in the Asian market, with a sales office in Singapore, and a merger with Western Electric Asia forming Brook Crompton Asia-Pacific PTE Ltd in 1992. In Oceania, Brook Crompton operates as a subsidiary in both Australia and New Zealand.

Brook Crompton is currently owned by a company based in Singapore, known as Brook Crompton Holdings Ltd.

Brook Crompton’s Products

Brook Crompton is often referred to as the original innovator in electric motor development, and is now one of the country’s leading providers of energy efficient electric motors. Brook Crompton’s motors help a range of industries and sectors drive fans, pumps, compressors and convertors across the country and around the world.

Their range of W Aluminium Motors covers frame sizes from 63 to 180, with an output between 0.07 and 22kW. These motors are applied in industries such as food and drink, sewage, heating, ventilation and refrigeration. The aluminium motors have advantages such as a high resistance to corrosion and atmospheric attack.

The Brook Crompton W Cast Iron Motors are made for frame sizes of 80 to 355, and have an output ranging from 0.75 to 400kW, and are used in industries such as food and drink, china clay production, roller table drives and refrigeration. The W Cast Iron range is suitable for applications with adverse operating conditions, including repeated starting and occasional overloading.

The W High Output motors are made of cast iron and have frame sizes between 315 and 710, with the LV model outputting between 160 and 3000kW, and the HV between 160 and 4000kW.

Brook Crompton’s brake motors have frame sizes of 63 to 355 and outputs between 0.07kW and 400kW.

Brook Crompton stocks a range of single phase motors, all constructed with aluminium. The capacitor start/induction run motors have frame sizes of 71 to 90 and outputs of 0.12 to 1.5kW. The capacitor start/capacitor run motors have frame sizes of 71 to 100 and outputs between 0.18 and 3.0kW.  The permanent capacitor model has frame sizes between 63 and 90 and outputs of 0.09 to 2.2kW. Typically, single phase monitors are used in farms and small workshops, with industrial equipment such as blowers, fans, high pressure washers and centrifugal pumps all designed to specifically use a single phase electricity supply.

Brook Crompton motor

Brook Crompton’s Series 10 is a range of high quality industry standard electric motors, suitable for most industrial applications. These are designed with frame sizes between 56 and 450, and outputs of 0.09 to 900kW.

The Series 10 Single Phase motors have frame sizes of 71 to 100 and outputs between 0.25 and 3.0kW, and are constructed with aluminium.

Another of the Brook Crompton motor ranges is the Ex db/eb range, which are flameproof, made from cast iron, and have 2, 4, 6, and 8 pole speeds. The frame sizes are 90 to 315, and the ouput is 0.37 to 315kW, and the range is ATEX approved by SGS Baseefa.

The W Ex E range is an increased safety range of motors, made with either aluminium or cast iron with frame sizes of 63 to 355, with outputs of 0.07 to 400kW. These are ATEX approved by SGS Baseefa.

The Ex nA range is made up of non-sparking motors, with frame sizes of 63 to 355 and outputs between 0.07 and 400kW. These motors all comply with the requirements of ATEX.

The W Ex tc range features motors that are dust ignition proof, made from aluminium or cast iron with frame sizes of 63 to 355 and outputs between 0.07 and 400kW, all fully compliant with ATEX requirements.

Finally, Brook Crompton manufactures a range of inverter drives and variable speed drive solutions. The range covers everything from stand-alone basic drives such as the IP22, to fully enclosed weatherproof drives like the IP54. 

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