Tempa Pano Electrical Enclosures and Junction Boxes

Established in Turkey in 1989, Tempa Pano has garnered a reputation as a market leader and innovator in the production of low voltage electrical enclosures. Since 2000, it has run operations in the UK through its office based in Warrington. The company also has offices based elsewhere in Europe, as well as in North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf Region.

Tempa Pano is known for its affordable high quality products. LED Controls is an official UK distributor of Tempa Pano products which range from small junction boxes to medium-sized wall mount enclosures to large modular systems. There is also an array of accessories available including low voltage busbar systems, climate control products and facilities to help with installation.

LED Controls is an official UK distributor and stockist of the range of Tempa Pano floor standing, wall mounted, steel and stainless steel electrical enclosures and junction boxes.

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